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The Morpheus Foundation meets twice yearly to discuss submissions, and you will be notified of when submissions are due each time.  Late submissions will not be discussed, they will be discussed at the next Board meeting.


The funding year is the same as the financial year, ie. 1 July to 30 June


Grants are typically awarded for amounts from $1,000 to $10,000.

Because of the large number of applicants, the Foundation does not consider the following:

  • Salaries

  • Transport and accommodation involved in attending Professional Development courses


Our aim is to improve the literacy of children, and in so doing, have children value education. If funding allows, we do give grants for numeracy, but our focus is mainly on Literacy.


To satisfy the conditions of the Morpheus Foundation and Schools Plus, schools must have an ICSEA of under 1000 or a DGR.  Organisations must have a DGR or TCC. Should your status change you are obliged to inform The Morpheus Foundation immediately.


As a private Ancillary Fund, The Morpheus Foundation is bound by Australian Taxation law and its Trust Deed as to the type of organisation that grant funding can legally be provided for.



All grants made by the Morpheus Foundation are subject to the execution of a Letter of Agreement.


The Morpheus Foundation was set up in 2017 and during that time the Foundation has given funding to organisations and schools for literacy projects within the states of Australia inclusive of the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.


If the grant goes through Schools Plus, recipients should be aware that Schools Plus has certain conditions that under law they have to adhere to. Also that grants could be delayed if schools do not adhere to these conditions from Schools Plus:


If you are a school with an ICSEA of under 1000 your grant will go through Schools Plus. For smooth sailing with Schools Plus, please note that:


  • New recipients have to register with Schools Plus

  • Schools will be asked to report to Schools Plus 


If you have been successful in gaining funding for Multi-Lit resources or Professional Development courses you must contact Multi-Lit and book into courses, and then once you get the funding you must pay Multi-Lit as quickly as possible.




The Morpheus Foundation reserves the right to modify these standard conditions as may be appropriate for specific applicants and circumstances.


  1. The recipient must provide a receipt for the amount received and acknowledge acceptance of the terms and conditions of this document.

  2.  The recipient must inform the Morpheus Foundation immediately of becoming aware of any material change which may affect the recipient’s ability to commence or complete the project within the time frame specified.

  3. The recipient must use the whole of the grant exclusively for the project as described in the approved submission.  If a recipient wishes to vary the approved submission, the recipient must seek the approval of the Morpheus Foundation to do so.

  4. The grant has to be expended within Australia only and within the particular State or territory of Australia specified in the Grantee’s grant application.

  5. The Grantee must acknowledge the support of The Morpheus Foundation in any published or display material of the Project. Please remember that your grant is from The Morpheus Foundation, even though it may have to go through a third party.


Consideration of future submissions


An acquittal must be received by the Board before another submission will be considered. 


The acquittal needs to say how the funds were spent and must match the details in the original submission.


The Morpheus Foundation appreciates any information you can share with us on the impact on the students as a result of our funding. Please use initials or first names if reporting for privacy reasons.


Also we would appreciate feedback on the results after teachers have attended Professional development courses.


Reporting that you would like to send that shows evidence of how the funding is having a positive effect on your students.


If your funding is through Schools Plus, you will be also asked to report to them as well.


If you are an organisation the latest Financial Report and Annual reports should be sent to the Morpheus Foundation within 14 days of them being finalised, regardless of whether you wish to submit another proposal or not.


Consideration of submissions for future grants will only be given to those grant applicants who have adhered to the conditions and guidelines as determined by the Morpheus Foundation.


Even though you have been successful for funding in the first round of funding you are welcome to submit another submission for that funding year and if funds are available you will be considered for a further grant.


At the Morpheus Foundations Board’s discretion failure by successful applicants to adhere to the agreed conditions and guidelines may result in full or partial withdrawal of promised future grants.

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